A Gassy Weekend

Okay this was a hectic weekend. A lot of activity and a lot of cooking! I made 3 recipes from skinnytaste.com which were all amazing and I will definitely get to those later so stay tuned!

Friday night my sister and her husband came over along with one of my husbands best friends MJ...I got home from shopping at 6:00 and everyone came over at 6:15 so I was totally rushed to get dinner ready! It was a hot mess from start to finish. I made the barbacoa beef and cilantro lime rice from skinnytaste.com (it was similar to a chipotle meal but way lower calories) and then the guys wanted to barbecue so add steak, cheeseburgers, pasta salad, and fries to the menu. So random I know. At some point when we were cleaning up the hodge podge of food one of the flames on my gas stove top burnt out however the gas was still on low. We did not catch it until ohhhh 4:30 in the morning when our Carbon Monoxide alarm started screaming (thank you a million times to my husband for knowing me well enough to know that eventually I would get some use out of the $60 alarm I wasn't sure that we needed)! Anyways, we walked out of our room to be slapped in the face with an overwhelming smell of gas!

Thought # 1: Go and check on the baby!!!
Thought # 2: What the heck are we supposed to do now???
Thought # 3: Get that magnet with all of the city numbers on it off the fridge that I almost threw away last week for taking up too much space!

One phone call and the fire department was there in minutes...We had to evacuate the house for an hour while they tested each room for dangerous levels of CO2 and as if it wasn't enough that there was a fire truck blaring in our street at 4:45am...they had to turn on a huge industrial sized fan on in our drive way that sucked the air out of the house, this thing had its own gas motor and a pull string and could not have been any louder!

Luckily we were all just fine. The dangerous number they look for is 48 and the highest ours went to was 28! There is never a dull moment in our house! Moral of the story...Don't leave your stove on and go to sleep! Here are some safety tips!


  1. 1. Try not to kill my niece.
    2. How did you hear about this skinnytaste.com??????

    Love you!

  2. glad you Taylors are ok! sounds like it was a great dinner before the gas disaster set in :)

    ps I miss you.

  3. Ah! What a night! I'm glad for the alarm too :) And I'm glad everyone is ok.