Nursery Pics

Okay Baby E's nursery took me 3 days to finish! Not bad! I am really proud of how it turned out and have already had some interest from another expecting mommy! Hope you all enjoy this pictures!


Baby E's nursery...Sneak Peak

I just started painting my friend Monica's baby nursery! She is expecting a baby girl in September and she picked out the Brooke bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. It is really cute! They painted the walls a bright teal and I am painting a few whimsical trees around the room! I am really excited to do this for them! Here is a sneak peak of what I have done so far! More pics to come soon!

Sorry the picture isn't very good! It was on my phone!


Time for a Meltdown

No! This is not my daughter but this is what she has looked like for the last few days hence my lack of blogging! No one ever warns you about the "15 month melt down" phase. You hear about the "terrible two's" and how bad it is when they are teething but what about the "15 month melt down's"

I would like to share my favorite melt down of the week. Luci and I were having a tea party a couple of mornings ago...All was going well, we were sipping our tea (water) with our pinky's up (no joke she puts her pinky up) and then all of the sudden she lost it. Full blown tantrum! Why you ask??? I still don't have that answer! She proceeded to take her chubby little arm and swipe everything off of the table onto the floor and if that was not theatrical enough she bent down and bit the side of the table as hard as she could.

What was even more comical was my reaction to her.... I stood up and yelled "great! now we can't have a tea party!" and put all of her cups and saucers away slamming the cabinet door... (Wonder where she gets it?) I love how all of the articles and "experts" tell you to remain calm and wait out the "storm" as if a sleep deprived mom who has been listening to their toddler scream for what seems like an hour for no apparent reason is going to do that!

Needless to say if I am a little behind on my blogging this is why!!!


Etsy Shop Update

Okay so I have been on Etsy since April of 2010. And until now I have only sold items to customers who I already know and love...until now! This weekend someone I do not know purchased something.

This was the something...I used Amy Butler fabric and really cute pom pon trim. Each case comes with Huggies wipes inside! Great for other uses as well. I keep one in my car for "on the go" needs. A package of wet ones, and snacks for my little one. They would also make a great travel case for a sewing/craft kit :)

cute right? I am totally obsessed with this color combo right now. My friend Monica over at mephotgraphics is getting ready to have her first baby and she got a yellow and grey diaper bag giving me an excuse to make another one of these.

For those of you who have not yet visited my etsy shop, you should! I make Travel diaper wipe cases, burp cloths, onesies, and custom nursery decor. I will be updating very soon!


The Festivities of the 4th

I was informed a few minutes ago (by my husband of course, when I was trying to change the TV channel) that it is like a 4th tradition to watch the hot dog eating contest. I am not going to lie, it was mildly entertaining for a second but to me the 4th of July is eating watermelon, anything blueberry, watching my sister (my older sister keep in mind) dance around in smoke bombs, my mom's strawberry yogurt pie ( I will post pics later and a recipe if she will let me but don't get your hopes up)....and now watching my daughter watch fireworks.

I was looking for a good Independence day quote to end with and I stumbled across this one that I thought was funny...

"Liberty is responsibility, that is why most men dread it" George Bernard

As promised here are some pics from my brinner extravaganza...

As you can see the ingredients for *from scratch* pancakes is a little more complex that *from the box* pancakes. (like the dish cloth? Is is a honeysweet product).
Not as easy as it looks...It took me a few try's to flip them without them falling apart! The best tip I got from smitten kitchen was to put the blueberries on the pancake after it was on the griddle.

Sweet success!!!

Add some eggs and you have Brinner for dinner :)



What does someone do for dinner when their fridge is lacking the majority of ingredients for mostly any meal? The answer is simple....BRINNER! Breakfast for dinner! I am not sure about this but I am pretty sure my husband coined that term! Everyone has ingredients for breakfast of some sort! I just happened to have some left over buttermilk (because I made creme fraiche from scratch a few weeks ago) and blueberries as well. Hello Blueberry pancakes! I am not going to lie to all of my readers (anyone?) and say that I have EVER made pancakes from scratch. Which is weird because cooking is one of my passions and I rarely use a boxed mix...except for pancakes. I for some reason cannot resist good old Aunt Jemima's whole wheat pancakes! So for my very first attempt I went with a recipe I found over at Smitten Kitchen. Check out her tips when making pancakes...quite helpful!

Now saying that I was hesitant to try this recipe is an understatement. Not because of the difficulty level of the recipe...but because it was a....brace yourself...a Martha Stewart recipe. Ugh! I could hardly type that name without cringing (lets go with MS from now on)! I am sorry to all of the MS lovers out there but something about this woman truly drives me crazy! I am not sure if it is her monotone voice, horrible outfits (she clearly needs to read about some acceptable fashion options over at Kelsey Jane Grins) or how snotty she behave when her celebrity guests don't master a technique on the first try (you shouldn't have even had Snoop Dog on your show lady)! My dislike for MS is stronger than my dislike for Rachel Ray's voice, the word smize, and Jesse James (Sandra bullocks ex, not the american outlaw).

Now that I let that out....the pancakes were actually pretty awesome, I was prepared to order in Chinese and instead I was pleasantly surprised. Pics of my brinner extravaganza coming soon :)