Maternity Clothes

So as most of you may know I am expecting baby number 2...A very exciting surprise for our family. Being pregnant again, has brought me back to a very frustrated place...maternity clothing...I mean really! I know that in recent years clothes for the mom to be have come a very long way but I just don't understand why designers insist on making clothes that are hideous. As if I don't have enough issues with my spreading hips and butt, growing chest (thank you under-wire for cutting off my circulation), and flourishing cellulite...now I have to worry about finding cute clothes!

I do not know how you are still in business with your high-water pants, stupid T-shirts (who wants to wear a shirt that says "embrace your bump" or "bumps rock"?), and bad patterned dresses. And to Heidi Klum (whom I normally love) your maternity line is no better (shirt on the very right) and I highly doubt you wore any of it when you were pregnant.

Sleeveless Smocked Maternity DressDisney Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Maternity T ShirtLoved By Heidi Klum 3/4 Sleeve Babydoll Maternity Tunic

All of the cute (and I use that term loosely) maternity clothes are crazy expensive...Good luck finding a pair of jeans that don't look like mom jeans for under $185.00! What I have come to realize is maternity clothes are just as bad as bridesmaids dresses...I would never wear them unless I had to!

Forever 21 now has a maternity line, I am very interested to see it and try some of it on! The website doesn't have much to offer but there is a store close by that just started carrying it! Wish me luck, at least it will be cheap!


Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

As many of you know my sister is having triplets...Needless to say for the shower we had to go all out! I wanted to share some pictures from the day! Since she is having 2 girls and a boy we went with a gender neutral theme of Dr. Seuss! It was amazing!
My mom made the flower center pieces. So cute. We found the Dr. Seuss buttons at the Target dollar spot!
I saw these cupcakes on a few different blogs and just had to make them. (tip: wait until the very last minute possible to add the cotton candy because they melted on the icing after about an hour).
The amazing cake by Rama! She really is the best!
We made some cake pops and added some fun whimsical suckers as favors.
My sister Andrea and I made the diaper cake centerpieces. There we about 6 cakes and they each had a different character on them! This one was my favorite! We also had a different Dr. Seuss book on each table for guest to sign and leave a note to the babies.

Here is the whole table...We made the banner out of an old Dr. Seuss book! Overall the shower was a hit and so much fun to plan. The parents to be got some really great stuff and now I am just happy to relax on this gorgeous labor day!
Thanks for reading :)