Maternity Clothes

So as most of you may know I am expecting baby number 2...A very exciting surprise for our family. Being pregnant again, has brought me back to a very frustrated place...maternity clothing...I mean really! I know that in recent years clothes for the mom to be have come a very long way but I just don't understand why designers insist on making clothes that are hideous. As if I don't have enough issues with my spreading hips and butt, growing chest (thank you under-wire for cutting off my circulation), and flourishing cellulite...now I have to worry about finding cute clothes!

I do not know how you are still in business with your high-water pants, stupid T-shirts (who wants to wear a shirt that says "embrace your bump" or "bumps rock"?), and bad patterned dresses. And to Heidi Klum (whom I normally love) your maternity line is no better (shirt on the very right) and I highly doubt you wore any of it when you were pregnant.

Sleeveless Smocked Maternity DressDisney Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Maternity T ShirtLoved By Heidi Klum 3/4 Sleeve Babydoll Maternity Tunic

All of the cute (and I use that term loosely) maternity clothes are crazy expensive...Good luck finding a pair of jeans that don't look like mom jeans for under $185.00! What I have come to realize is maternity clothes are just as bad as bridesmaids dresses...I would never wear them unless I had to!

Forever 21 now has a maternity line, I am very interested to see it and try some of it on! The website doesn't have much to offer but there is a store close by that just started carrying it! Wish me luck, at least it will be cheap!


  1. We should start out own line. I have similar feelings about business clothes for women. Anything that isn't frumptastic will cost you, a lot. Our line could focus on women generally marginalized - the stay-at home mom and the working woman. Let's join forces.

  2. I am in....I mean is it too much to ask to look cute when you are growing at rapid paces or when you are on your feet all day? I think not!

  3. Do you hate Old Navy? I found their maternity clothes to be the least hideous of the affordable.

  4. The Forever on the Plaza does not carry maternity, sorry to break the news. Kimball, I just ordered some cute stuff on Old Navy, best I've found so far!

  5. I forgot I have some GAP jeans to loan you, they are skinny jeans and actually pretty cute! I must say I do not miss the maternity clothes one bit :)

  6. When are you going to make a new post?